Friday, March 17, 2017

New York State of Mind

We have returned from a stellar weekend in New York
Our son and daughter-in-law designed the perfect itinerary 
to avoid the frigid weather 
Together we sauntered through art museums
marveled at botanical wonders in the NYBG Conservatory
stood in ovation for the Sydney Dance Company 
ate in restaurants worth remembering
enjoyed the company of other family members  

We got out just before Stella arrived with her snow and sleet.

I am now preparing for a Maridadi Jewelry Show
in a  New York State of Mind

 I have many more designs in my studio -
a wide range of looks and colors and prices

I hope you can pop by


 the end

 My thanks to the art and beauty I captured on my i-phone.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Quiz:   What do each of these Women have in Common?

Yes!  You guessed it......  A Necklace! 
And each is wearing a necklace that Makes a Statement !!
(and not much else)
Are you feeling a little under-accessorized?

Maridadi by Bridget  to the rescue!
I am hosting a studio show in late October.  Expect an invite.


I took these photos
 in the Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art
  in Oaxaca,  Mexico.     
The statues are from the PreClassical Period 
(1,250 B.C - 200 A.D.)   

Let us Honor History!

  It was not only the prevalence of jewelry in the museums that captured me.   
But the color and vibrancy that surrounded us.  
Markets, textiles, buildings, music, food, all of it containing an 
energetic force and joyful display.  "Here we are!" it shouted
Feast your eyes, feast your senses.  

And we did. 



And, once I was back in my studio, designing necklaces, I found myself reaching for color



Since then I’ve been to Cape Town -- reforged my African connection
And returned to Durham with suitcases weighted with wonderful beads

I've been designing up a storm

So as I go to various things in the neighborhood, I find people wearing 
your necklaces and loving them!    (email from R. in Boston)

Someone stopped me in the airport to ask about my necklace.  (S. in Paris)

My husband buys me really expensive jewelry, but when I travel 
I always choose to take the ones you made.   (M. in California)

I wish I had your business cards.  People are always asking 
where I got my necklaces!  (L. tells me this regularly)